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Download Need For Speed : Most Wanted 350mb | PC Game

Download Need For Speed : Most Wanted 350mb | PC Game

Welcome to Need for Speed Most Wanted . Buckle up and brace for impact: you’re in for the fastest, wildest, most competitive and fun online multiplayer ever to hit Need for Speed.

Most Wanted invites you to meet up with your friends and drive anywhere in the city. No rules. No restrictions. Screw around, compare cars, smash each other, race, explore and compete for the fastest times, longest jumps, biggest drifts – whatever you want to do.

And it all starts with Speed Level 1.

Get online and start competing for score or session the single-player game to rank up. Literally everything you do earns you Speed Points, so whether you like cruising the streets, exploring and beating your friends’ records, racing, finding new cars, beating the Most Wanted Racers, jumping, drifting or speeding through the city, you’re always, always earning. And everything you earn makes life sweeter in multiplayer, via access to faster and cooler cars.

And the more you play, the better it gets. Each car has a stack of Milestones for stuff like driving 10 miles, drifting 5,000 yards or getting 10 Takedowns. Beat each car’s Milestones to unlock Modifications, like Reinforced Chassis, Re-inflating Tires, Impact Protection, Powershot Nitrous or Track Tires.

Open World

A Connected Open World permeates everything you play in Most Wanted, multiplayer included, and takes in the sights of the city, from the Ripley’s Point power plant to the industrial arenas of Callaghan. You’ll experience dense downtown grids and sweeping hillside routes, littered with Speed Cameras, Jumps, Billboards and Shortcuts. Even in multiplayer, every time, speed and distance record you set is captured by Autolog and broadcast out to your friends’ games.

Meet Ups

Every event starts with a Meet Up. You score bonus Speed points for getting there first, so knowledge of Fairhaven City is key. Once you get there, you’ll experience race starts like no other driving game. No grid. No false starts. Just jostle for position watch for the start and boot it. Time your move right, and you’ll start ahead of the field. Get it wrong, and you’re a sitting duck for friends and rivals that don’t need a second invitation to take you down.


Most Wanted’s multiplayer comes in the form of SpeedLists. Get online, start a game and we’ll serve up 5 events made up of Races, Speed Tests of Challenges. Could be anything from a simple Team Race, to a high-score event based on drift, to a co-op challenge that has you jumping your friends’ cars on a hard-to-reach rooftop. You can even create your own custom SpeedList and play it in a Friends Game. Whoever racks up the most Speed Points by the end of the SpeedList wins.

Race / Team Race

You love it. We love it. It wouldn’t be a Need for Speed game without spectacular races. And that’s why we’ve got tons of them. You know the drill: hit the gas in the worlds’ fastest cars and hang on for dear life. Score based on your position. In Team Race, we split the field into two teams and invite you to finish first. It’s all about Speed Points. You score based on position, but you also score for Takedowns, drifts, near misses and airtime. We even let you tag a member of the opposite team and bust out massive bonus for Takedowns on those guys. Finish the race first and it pays off to 180 the car and blast it back down the route picking off rival racers for extra score.

Speed Test

In Speed Tests, you get 90 seconds to set a high score. It can be anything from hitting the longest jump or drift to clocking the fastest speed through a Speed Trap or the fastest time between two checkpoints. Try taking down your friends during the race to freeze their scores and protect your lead. We call this Elimination.


Finally, you get one or two-part co-operative Challenges. All players score towards a single goal but the best scoring players still earn the most: hit 5,000 yards of drift, accumulate 2,000 yards of jump distance, access a rooftop or Jump over each other. Anything goes!

Minimum System Requirements: 
OS: Windows XP or 2000
CPU: 1.4 GHz or faster
RAM: 256 MB or more
Video card: 32 MB or more | ATI Radeon 7500 or greater;
Hard Drive: 3 GB free space
Disc Drive: 8x or faster CD/DVD drive
Video: DirectX 9.0c
Sound: DirectX 9.0c

Screen Shot

Download Need For Speed : Most Wanted 350mb | PC Game

Download Need For Speed : Most Wanted 350mb | PC Game

Download Need For Speed : Most Wanted 350mb | PC Game

Link Download Mediafire :
Size : 350mb

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